Critical Issues, Expert Knowledge

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Healthcare Policy and Research is home to collaborative faculty members who apply their expert knowledge to healthcare issues in and out of the classroom.

We address critical topics ranging from health insurance coverage to health disparities and efficiency in healthcare delivery. Our faculty works to link evidence-based practice with policies that promote public health.

Hospital Uncompensated Care Costs in Virginia

This policy brief discusses the cost to Virginia hospitals for providing uncompensated care.

Dr. Andrew Barnes receives $450,000 to study youth tobacco use

The award from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth will explore the impact of electronic cigarette advertising on young people


Wafa Tarazi, wins AcademyHealth student competition

The competition challenges students to successfully explain a research paper in layman’s terms

Costly Connections - the relationships between healthcare, education and health

How investments in education are investments in health - and can potentially lower health care costs


Medicaid's Evolving Delivery Systems

Dr. Peter Cunningham in Washington to participate in Health Affairs briefing on Medicaid delivery.